You’ll Be Able to Practice, Rain or Shine

You’ll Be Able to Practice, Rain or Shine

Don’t let the weather stop you from training

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t continue to hone your athletic skills. When the snow is falling and the fields are covered in slush, bring your team to Sports Lab. We have an expansive indoor field where your team can practice soccer, baseball, lacrosse and football regardless of the weather conditions. We also have a lobby where parents and fans can watch comfortably as their teams train.

You can reach us at 810-390-5009 to learn more about practicing at our facility.

3 advantages of practicing your sport indoors

It’s great to get outdoors as often as possible, but sometimes it’s easier and healthier to engage in intense exercise in an indoor space. Here are a few benefits of training at an indoor facility:

  1. Your team can practice year-round without worrying about allergy symptoms
  2. Your team will never have to reschedule practice for a weather-related reason
  3. Your team can practice without the threat of heat stroke

Make your team better, faster and stronger at Sports Lab.